Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In My Mother's House There Were Too Many People

My sister has moved back in with our parents temporarily, and my aunt was there for a time' along with my little cousin Abby who was in North Platte for the summer to establish Nebraska residency so she could get a driver's license then she could in Sacramento.  Her father (my cousin Aaron) is a Union Pacific rail man there who speaks of moving back to Nebraska permanently.  He doesn't like queer people non anglophones or 'hippies'.  He is simply not a California guy.  My aunt is waiting for the city of Greeley, Co to pay for the bullet hole in her car from this incident;  and also for the cost of cleaning off the bloody hand smears.         

In addition to the human menagerie were the three dogs, one of them a new one; a year-old rescue who was abandoned at an interstate rest stop in winter.  Why anybody ever does such a thing I've no clue.  Write 'PUPPY 10$' on a piece of cardboard drive to a big box parking lot and wait. No more inconvenient for you than that. 

I slept on a military cot of my fathers that was apparently much older than I am. He was in intensive care for  Hyperkylemia.   5-hour energies nearly killed him.    But overall the 4th of July was a godd time.  

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