Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This One Time Under the Sea

The original cut of "Thelma and Louise" was twelve hours long, with the last ten consisting of Thelma still alive though impaled on some piece of Corvette at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, bleeding to death at an imperceptibly slow rate, though not so slow that she doesn't feel colder than human words can describe once the sun goes down; a perfect and absolute dark with not even the undifferentiated gore that used to be Louise to look upon anymore.  Eventually the coyotes come; not a pack of coyotes mind because there's no such thing.  Coyotes are solitary beasts though these ones did eventually reach a rough agreement for each one to snatch itself a small piece of fresh Thelma and then scurry off to wait its turn again.  It's all very Herzogian. 

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