Friday, July 11, 2014

Lost Track of the News Abit While Away

I saw or heard nothing about this until several days after; and to tell the truth this is one liberal who finds it a bit eye-rolling but not shockingly evil.  Norfolk could be said to be a bit more 'perfectly' Republican than the Platte Valley hubs of similar size; slightly more self-righteous and 'bougie' if you will but only by subtle degrees.  I suppose it is a bit disturbing that a community could be so politically monochrome that this can be done in a parade before the general public with all reasonable expectation of unchallenged approval; but then it's also true that I myself rarely associate with anyone other than hipster/bohemianradical/humanist/witches etc. 

As for the racial element; well it's there and it's fucking bad, no question about it. Still there's nothing to be done for it except disapprove, as is being done, and let the people of Norfolk deal with our disapproval however they will.  Do they want to be a part of the wider society or see themselves as pure Superamericans living above the general society and beyond our right to disapprove?  It's their ball. 

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