Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Screw You David-Price Jones

I confess that it can be perversely affirming, but still disheartening, when a conservative straight up and outs themselves as a living Simpsons/Doonesbury stereotype of themselves.

"Literature serves the purpose of showing that actions have consequences, and causes have effects. Great writers one and all have something to say about this inescapable fact of the human condition.  Magic realism is the reverse, resting on the supposition that there are consequences without need for action and effects that have no causes.  In one of Marquez's novels, a woman goes out to hang her laundry, only to ascend physically to heaven.  In another novel, the fully dressed corpse of a general is brought in on a silver tray, cooked with a 'garnish of cauliflower and laurel leaves' and ready to be served at a banquet by a host who says 'eat, hearty gentlemen.'"

For real though, how much of a dogmatic prig to you have to be to matter-of-factly decree what the One True purpose of professional imagination is or the One great truth that all Great Writers must concern themselves with?  I mean God damn but seriously now?

                                                            CHAPTER 1

The universe ended in an orgy of murder, torture, and rape because Harvey went to Walgreens and bought four tank tops for the price of three.

                                                             THE END

Suck on that David-Price Jones. 

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