Friday, May 9, 2014

Attention Democratic Leaning Common People

I'm getting old enough to have noticed; not that I'm that old or that it's that hard, that MIDTERMS FUCKING MATTER!

A lot!!


If President Obama has in some ways disappointed you well; every president will unavoidably disappoint everyone, and if that be a glib truism than let us make the most of it.  As for me I am generically 'conservative' enough to accept that sometimes one needs to support the least bad.  If you find the thought of supporting the least bad to be less than inspiring then; well again I am both generically "conservative" and "old enough to say:  'Inspiration?  Fuck that shit!  Either buck up & grow up or watch fucking Star Wars if you want inspiration!" 

With that in mind:  Nebraska's midterm primary is on Tuesday.  My Democratic ballot will have perhaps a dozen total names for all contested offices and I should need no more than forty seconds to fill it out.  But I'm doing it.  Because I am a better citizen than you; and there's coffee. 

Truly, the one "meaningful" choice before me on Tuesday would probably be the state senate race in my district.  (North Lincoln; generally puts lefiish-Dems in the officially nonpartisan Unicameral.)  I'm leaning towards Adam Morfeld in that one, but I could easily change my mind and go for James Bowers instead.  

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