Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reflections On Muslamic Ray Guns

A:  There's a comforting myth that white supremacism is the special province of the 'rednecks' and rubes among us.  Of course this isn't actually so, but that is not to say that there are not actual rubes in the world or that such rubes cannot be racist.

B:  There is a great amount of gender/race/class privilege involved in what as perceived as common sense vs. what is perceived as crazy or radical.  It has not, for example, ever been held by even the 'purest' strains of capitalist thought that property should take precedence over life, nor has the right to kill for one's property ever existed in American Law.  Yet since some white men like to imagine this to be the case the right to kill for property is perceived by many to be a normative American tradition. 
More to the point; the baldhead interviewed in this video may be perceived as a socially low or unsavory person,  but unlike Lincoln's own Chrisma Woman     he is probably not considered to be  insane in the way that 'everyone knows' that she is insane; even though their language is for all intents identical.  Ray guns may be more practical and 'realistic' than backfiring suicide mind bullets but only by the slightest degrees.  

C:  It isn't my message or my business; but shouldn't the man be wearing something more distinctly English than an Adidas track suit?  That's the sort of thing that a young tough of any background might wear.  I mean after this he's probably going to go home, pull some rap off his iTunes, smoke a joint and play some FIFA same as a million dudes in Cairo. 

D:  Maud'Dib!

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