Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Grow A Penis"

I read somewhere, old I think, that the Spiro T. Agnew's name is an anagram for 'grow a penis'.

Yet a check on Google today revealed this self-evidently joky or at least fantastic phrase to be one that many take in full earnest. 

I find this disturbing.  I'd hope it'd be obvious that the plague of negative body image, usually associated with women, wouldn't be solved by making everyone equally miserable about our own shells.

At any rate boys there's really nothing you can do to make the penis you already have larger. The pills, the creams, etc are all bullshit.  I knew that y'all knew that already, logically; yet perhaps there was some part of you that couldn't accept being ...stuck with what you got and Wanted to believe that there was something to Extenze etc. This needling sense is what the bastards are count upon.  Reject it to the full.  Excessive masturbation can create the illusion of growth via swelling, and it's no accident that this is most always part of the scam artist's "treatment" but of course making your sex organ painful to the touch would be less than helpful in improving performance.

If, on the other hand you are a woman who wants to literally 'grow a penis'.  Steroid abuse, I hear, can effectively make the clitoris pupate in such a way.      Nasty business that shit, makes the sex hormones go completely off-kilter and all kinds of very bad things.  Or you can get an operative sex change with controlled hormone therapy.  Invent yourself as a man, and you've all liberty to make your cock into whatever form you like.  If you accept the skin you born into, do so truly, because there it is. 

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