Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ahh: The Olympics

Imperialist dick-strutting retro-fitted into a sort of Brotherhood of Man peace and love brouhaha.  Of course it's not terribly convincing at all.  The original, adversarial nationalist intent is still very loudly there.  It is still, after all, still flag vs. flag for a place on the medal stand.  Some say it's much better than war if nationalist dick-waving there must be, and that's undoubtedly true, though also a pretty obviously retro-fitted rationale, but never mind.

At any rate, my own nationalist dream would be for US hockey to beat Russia on it's home ice.  Miricle on Ice to the X squared.  Make it happen baby.  Do it for us 'White Ethnics." *

*:  Though, in all civilized fairness, and deepest sincerity, "Song of the Volga Boatmen" is the most God Damned magnificent thing I have ever heard. 

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