Thursday, February 20, 2014

Been Quite Busy With My 'Day Job'

Just wanted to take a quick moment to say  ЛОЛ


Go Yanks!  Beat Canada!

As for you, US hockeyettes:  Damn.  Up by two with five minutes left.... and lost.  Damn.  Damn.   :-(

I could have guessed for myself that Bode Miller found losing his younger brother while still in his thirties highly unpleasant; is all I have to say on that matter.   

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  1. Oh damn. Well, only a psychopath would hate the Canadians. Damned kindly and likeable people they are; and it is 'their' game.

    As an addendum; There's a humanwide tendency to view whatever sport one's culture tends to be good at as the One True Universal test of strength and moral character. I can agree with the Dutch speed skating coach here ( that our brand of football is indeed a nasty business and we'd be better of without it, and congratulations to the Dutch on their ice racing success, but beyond that..... simmer down little bro, it may perhaps have been good for us if you had delivered the great Hammer Blow that crushed Yankee belief in our moral superiority; but you did nothing at all close to that. It's "just" one of those eccentric Olympic games to us and that's the truth. Anyway we're actually quite good at 'world' sports overall. Our men's soccer team is even kind of
    decent sometimes, we have as many World Cups as you do, after all.