Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blue is The Warmest Color

How to say without coming across as sexist or philistine I don't know, but it's actually the most jarringly dull 'lesbian movie' I've ever seen bar this one.           Even when judging it as a relationship film as I suppose it's meant to be there's an undeniably plodding, devitalizing self-importance about the whole thing.  If a movie is going to be three hours long it should have; not violence per se, but yes it should have a regular dose of violence, or epic sweep of some kind anyway, definitely more than a single thread with two principles involved.  It doesn't help that the two leads are precisely the worst things they see in each other as they drift apart.  Emma is a snob's snob and Adele is profoundly needy and vapid.  That's not to say that the 'Blue' is an awful movie by any means; it just doesn't enthrall at anything close to a Palm d' Or or Best Picture level. 

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