Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Unlovliness Here in Nebraska

A sixteen year-old girl has been ordered to bear a child against her will,  in rather clear violation of the Constitution, (Yes that's right.  Ownership of self is an easily deduced underlying principle behind the Bill of rights) She's in foster care you see; with, one can be assured, all the official state labeling as lesser and deviant that already comes with that.  And since Nebraska law requires minors to gain parental consent before an abortion*, the state has claimed, and the normally rational state supreme court has agreed, that it itself is the girl's legal parent and therefore has the right to forbid her from seeking her own medical care as she sees fit. 

Nebraska is, due to a nominally nonpartisan legislature and other factors, not quite so theatrically more conservative-than-thou as other GOP-leaning states.  But it most definitely is more anti-abortion than though, and not the least bit above playing the same sort of dishonest and childish legal games as say Texas or Kansas in order to make those dirty tramps suffer for it. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the technology.  We have had the knowledge to separate sex from pregnancy for a long time now and that cat ain't never going back in the bag. The days of using the specter of accidental pregnancy to enforce (exaggerated, protest-too-much) traditional gender roles are dying and soon to be gone forever.  And in the end it will be just as good for you as the oppressed women you grind under your heal to accept that. 

(*since of course parents have the right to know if they're being denied the grandchildren that everyone knows they are entitled to. And as for this law being used to cover up incestuous rape; well that's only a problem for those dirty other people; back east, not for Us.)  

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