Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ahh: the Soft Bigotry of Grumpy old White Suburbanites.

I'm the son of a single mother, Chris, the two of us in the very same lives and skin have been both welfare-dependent and part of a 'traditional' church-going, nuclear married family both alike.  We are all white as cooked sauerkraut by the way.  I know you didn't mention that specifically but; yes you did, and I am the only person in the family with enough South Omaha Spanglish to communicate with someone who doesn't speak book English. 

And me, I read the newspaper anyway.  expense compels me to read the Sunday NYT online but otherwise I get my hands on the actual paper whenever I get the chance. Blogger though I am I actually do loathe the decline of traditional journalism as much as you do; still it's bizarre to claim that financing your paycheck is a sign of good moral character , and your assertion that it's caused by people these days being inherently less moral, less respectable, more 'ghetto' than we used to be is simply bullshit.  You seem to be in the habit of thinking about Those People on the other side of the tracks a bit too much. Because you are most definitely  overestimating our power to influence events.

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