Friday, October 25, 2013

Popular Advise to GOP Aspirant for Governor of Texas

 "A free one way bus ticket to commiefornia for all the libs. Send em home and hope they stay."

"How about making people pass an iq test before they can move here from another state, and    
especially before they can vote."

"Find a way to remove Federal 'Ownership' or Oversight from all the National Forests, Parks, etc, Federal buildings, and ANYTHING controlled by the Federal Government. They are PURE EVIL and nobody i know wants them and their tyrannic behavior inside the boundaries of the State of Texas. There is, in the fine print, rules that give the States rights over federal "property" when the feds shut down and can't do their jobs. Ill be DAMNED if they try to keep me out of any land owned by THE PEOPLE. Washington is a government AGAINST THE PEOPLE. We are STUPID not to draw ANOTHER line in the sand bigger than the Alamo, and Guard it like never before. Obama is PURE EVIL. He should not even be allowed in our State. If i can help, you just let me know."

"Start treating loberals like Coyote's."

"Wendy Davis will Rot in Hell. Baby killing atheist bitch."

"Take a look at the child support you mother fucker. Then you can have my vote you bitch"

"Dump Obama the Treasonous and the US and become an independent country"

"Expell muslims and illegals and close the border behind them!"

"Round up all the muslims and move them to mexico. Along with the illegal's"



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