Monday, October 14, 2013

Odd Second Sleep Wine Dream

I and some other Sp ce friends of mine travelled to Kearney, Ne for some sort of writerly business.  In my dream it was, for the most part, the actual Kearney, with small college campus laced with canals, yards, houses and streets as broad as those who laid this prairie town had absolute freedom to make them.  It was if anything a little bit 'too' real Kearney though that's a trifle.  The main thing is that there was some sort of tram-shuttle thing that moved at like a hundred miles an hour which I personally controlled with my mind.  It would shimmy, rise and dip on my half-conscious whims and several of my friends were tumbled out onto the ground by the twists of this machine.  They all turned out fine though I think. 

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