Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feelings of Age/Feelings of Rejuvination

I'm in my thirties now.  Not 'youthful' certainly, but young enough to honestly floored and mystified when reminded that there are Still Americans who see hip-hop not as intrinsic to the general American culture but as other peoples music.  Seriously, what the fuck is this shit? 

* In other news, the seasons in Nebraska have consistently been about six weeks behind schedule this year.  Winter was more or less normal, routinely chilly and only truly frigid on occasion. The thing of it is that it started two weeks into January and lasted through several false dawns into April.  "Summer" has mainly been mainly mild until this week, when we are just now receiving the blast-furnace 95F+ heat normally felt in mid-July.  I don't know what if anything climate change has to do with it or what the end of this year will be like but it is damned odd.

** Still, school is back in session, and football has returned to make daylight drunkenness socially acceptable.  It is unquestionably late enough in the year to start listening to Venom.  Temperature be damned, if you will. 

*** In other sports news; Hail, Hail :-)

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