Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Greeley Colorado is Something of a Grimy Pit

And the "eastern" plains of Colorado are like Nebraska gone beyond Thunderdome.  It is seriously as if the people who built the highways are the only humans who have ever been there, unless aliens did it. 

There's some talk of succeeding from the hippie-infested front range out in those parts.  One quote in the article speaks of 'rural concerns being ignored' which is of course pure bunkum.  the backcountry is dependent, that's right, on money coming in from more productive urban areas in order to make a modern standard of living in the country at all possible.  The real beef here is that rural concerns are not being obeyed.  My own hometown was small enough to embrace the moral superiority of rural areas as a sacred patriotic truth and over the years I've seen this notion gradually merged into the talk-radio belief that political conservatism is morally entitled to always prevail, that it's correctness is so obvious as to be so to all ; that those who disagree are being deliberately wicked and must be shunned from being "of us". 

Good people of rural Colorado I am sorry to tell you that you are the minority.  You are the weirdoes.  You are the strangers.  You are the deviants.  Accept it or don't.  You have the right to see the majority as wrong and rage against that, I've plenty of practice there as a Nebraska liberal myself, and it can actually be fun in its own way, but you do not have the right to have your way even at the price of a world-burning snit fit.  It's been tried, and as it turns out those city boys ain't actually so weak. 

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