Monday, September 2, 2013

In the Late Summer Dawn There is Great Precision

Just something I thought to myself when I woke up briefly to see it this morning.  It was a halfly dreamt thought, obviously, and yet my waking self is at a loss to thing of any meaning for it save the literal one.  In the late summer dawn there is great precision.  I have a teenage memory of Lenny Kravitz having his pubic hair dreadlocked within the cover art for 'Circus' but I can't say now if this memory is accurate or not. 

It is somewhat surprising that such a thing a Labor Day ever made it past the gatekeepers of capitalist purity here in the US.  But I'm glad that it did and I'm happy that it's a separate thing from May Day here.  The old school rite of having young virgins flag up a penis is much more enjoyable than all the Very Serious political agitation one sees elsewhere. 

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