Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ghost of Oliver Cromwell Falls Upon Lincoln.

I make no claim to knowing why the staff at Parkview Christian school here chose to do this thing.  Perhaps they buy into the old stereotypes of everyone in theatre being gay, when in fact the proportion of gay actors is only about four or five times greater than the general population.  Or maybe the lords of Parkview take pride in being more righteously anti-Nazi than the Jewish man who wrote 'The Producers' whose to say?  I'm sorry that a man lost his job over whatever form of priggish nonsense this is.

I'm a Catholic high school alum myself, and I can tell you that private schools in general and religious ones in particular are a god damned swindle and no more.  The quality of education at private schools is no better than a public one funded and equipped at the same level.  In fact if the private school is of the contraception/evolution "We are so fucking Christian" then the quality is objectively worse.  Private schools exist to provide a layer of superior social status for its own sake and we all agree that "everyone knows" the privates  are inherently better for that very same reason.  

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