Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quick Note Here

Assuming that this incident down round Salina is something more than racism simple and plain.    which is doubtful, but anyway...

'Reverse racism' is almost always a bogeyman to excuse actual racism.  Reverse snobbery, however, is perfectly real.  One should not assume out of hand that the harshest, most guttural form of a particular statement must necessarily be the one pure and true way to make that statement.  I mention this because when I've used the phrase 'jury-rig' in front of some people their response was to give me a condescending 'jury rig huh?' , clearly believing that I was using a meek PC euphemism for the true form of 'nigger rig.'  These people have it precisely ass backwards.  Jury-rig is the original McCoy.    
 It's the more 'colorful' form of the phrase that's the deviation, and should this happen to be way you've 'always heard' such an expression used, then yes, you are in fact completely surrounded by the unambiguously racist, and if this is who the social circle you choose happens to be.....

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