Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm not going to Lie

I do have certain ideals for how sports should be.  Nothing moralistic about Great Men and Paternal coaches triumphing out of superior character, fuck that.  I would simply like to feel that I'm investing my time into something truly important when I watch a game.  Two great teams who need to go through each other to win a legitimately difficult championship.

The first round of the NBA playoffs do not come anywhere close to meeting that standard, at all.  They are by the most generous estimate about 98 percent hype, bullshit, and high dollar basketball played poorly.  Yet until yesterday I had forgotten the simply pleasures of going Grampa with sports, to chilll on the couch lightly buzzed and hungover while a competitive enough game carries on directly in front of you on the periphery of your mind.  A game that's actually more enjoyable because you know it's insignificant.   that you need not invest any serious concentration upon either it or anything else.  Thank you, Knicks and Celtics, for giving me a true Sunday.  That was nice.   

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