Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not especially Important: Just a Quick Reminder.

It is quite perfectly clear that Michelle Malkin is conciously and deliberately full of shit. 

She's been having a civil dispute with tax hating brat Grover Norquist you see, and so it is both a simple and neccessary matter to include him in the same demonology of Muslims, Latinos, liberal professors, liberal celebrities, people who don't drop what they're doing when the national anthem randomly appears on TV, etc.  Never mind if it makes any damned sense, because only treasonous cowards care about that.  The first rule of the Other is that everybody else is everybody else. 

Malkin gets bonus points for pointing out the central moral utility of 'condemnation' in her universe.  Condemnation, you see; loud, public, ostentatious condemnation of Them, is in itself a heroically virtuous thing to do; and the reason that bad things happen is only because some of us are not brave enough to properly condemn like Malkin and her followers are.  They are the only true patriots precisely because we are not and only for as long as we are not.  Don't you forget that Buster. 

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