Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More ernie Chambers Hagiography

He's not the main architect in this matter here, but I truly do believe that his presence leads more conservative state senators to employ honest reason in matters such as this,        whereas otherwise the suggestion that those punitive, evil fighting, manly-ass agents of state authority called the police should be subject to basic scrutiny would inspire shocked claims to the vapors and that would be that. 

Then again it might be be the Unicamerals' 'non-partisan' nature that makes these conversations slightly more reasonable here.  Or perhaps it's that the conservatism here is not quite so heavily peppered with Religious right influences or other such culture war flavors of hostile and besieged white male entitlement.  Rather the  here is in some ways still the instinctive conservatism born of 1900's agrarian homogeneity.  Though with Lincoln and especially Omaha assimilating quickly into the culturally liberal 21st century mainstream the Nebraska Right has taken on more than a few aspects of the national rights' snarling bitterness.

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