Monday, April 15, 2013

I Don't Know What Exactly Just Happened In Boston Yet

Neither do you.   Nor, barring the existence of some unreleased uber-exciting secret information, do the authorities. Never mind all that; because, according to internet commentators anyway,   the exact details of how and why are already obvious to anyone not blinded by political correctness.  Everybody knows what happened.  Everybody knows that it justifies and confirms their own personal prejudice and grievances, just like every bad event everywhere justifies and confirms their own personal prejudice and grievances. 

It's more times that I can count that I've run into someone who considers getting to the bottom of things to be strictly a matter of physical courage and will.  That the fact of a disaster being being brand new and the details impossible to yet know is no excuse for the cowardice of not knowing.  It's an attitude that sticks in my craw, to state it lightly. 

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