Tuesday, November 27, 2012

War on Christmas Time: Let's Get it On!

Featuring a dystopian nightmare  world so hellishly desexualized that..... girls, well you seen now, girls are firing nerf guns.

"There will be NO gift certificates from "Toy-R-Us" this year after reading this story, I don't do business at homosexual run companies if I know about them"

In all honesty, "Electric Winter Tree" is a better name for anything than any alternative, whatever the context.  It's self-descriptive and yet subtly majestic, just like 'United States of America".  And let's be clear, Holiday Trees (En Garde!!!) are popular because of the shiny light, not because devotion to Baby Jesus leads to a love for shiny light on trees that wouldn't otherwise be there. 

Judging from some of the comments its apparent that liberals want lsIam to control the sphere; in all probability hoping it will be a time to celebrate whacking the heads of members of the Fudgepackers union, not to mention returning BIacks to slavery and women into veiled harlots.
Which is to say, it was the self appointed Christmas defenders of Christmas who are responsible for nearly depriving Providence R.I. of the big shiny lights.  It was not athiests, Muslims, or homosexuals playing the part of player-hater here, rather the local chapter of people who are so much more fucking Christian than you. 
Overall this yearly shindig seems to be going rather slowly and rather lamely, at least so far.  And while I suppose it's good that some things are too stupid for any large group of people to be fooled by for any long amount of time it is also in some ways rather sad; a life sapping reminder of advancing age like a cold slow night in the middle of the work week.  Aye me. 
In other news... not to intrude, Mr. President..., none of my business and all.  But I say go ahead and leagalize booze on the reservation.  It won't make things better, only a naive or self-serving fool would think they would.  But the standard for leagally forbidding something is whether the legal ban makes things better, and the answer here is quite obviously no.  Things are as bad as they could possibly be:  Well, at least since the US Army guns stopped firing anyway, not to be insensitive. 
If, by some infinitesimal chance there is anyone up there who would give any regard to my advice; it would be better if the "Black Market" traffic was flowing more to your side of the line, don't you think.  And considering that casinos are completely filthy gauche lame-ass dirty little rat traps might I suggest for ya'lls consideration.....
.......Native Weed parlors.  The hippies will fucking love it, y'all know this.  The town/college of Chadron, Nebraska is bound to quintuple in enrollment/population.  And as for long-distance vacation traffic on the Western plains.  I worked in a No. Platte truck stop as a kid.  I hated the Sturgis bikers and I was always thrilled when the rare crowd of gypsy/vagabonds came along.  There's some teenage kid out there today that needs more of that. 

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