Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miss Me?

I've been homw west for the holiday and gorging in any number of unhealthy things.  Now I'm back in Lincoln and feeling oddly satisfied.  A few powerpoint-style comments on what I've missed in the past few days.

>  Todd Rundgren's 'Hello It's Me' is stuck in my mind at the moment.  This has beeen a very common thing whenever I've been tired since I was a young boy and will probably remain common for the rest of my life.  I could be very happy working as an overnight truck stop cook, or clothing store security guard, or any other place where I could reliably expect to hear 'Hello It's Me" every
night of the winter. 

>  I've long had a passing interest in Grinnell college basketball and their crystal-meth offensive system.  Basketball is fascinating in its fluidness, the way it allows tempo-specialists to essentially turn every game into the same game no matter the opponent.  It's very common for underdogs, including my own Cornhusker ballers, to try to turn the game into a grinding indoor football slugfest.   Villanova famously lucked all the way to the title in 85 by playing this way.  But usually this negative strategy accomplishes nothing except to make bad teams and their fans, including my Cornhuskers, even more miserable.  Though Grinnel doesn't seem to have made any national noise down at NCAA Div III they at least seem to have won themselves a few conference titles.      And at any rate I'm sure you'd agree that having the biggest single-game scorer in the history of the game at any level ever is a much bigger deal than even the D-III national title.  I've noticed some in the internet comments complain about ball-hogging and lack of defense but, seriously, get the stick out of your asses.  This was awesome.  You'll find these sort of people trying to ruin the fun of every sport with their pseudo-patriarchial moralizing about 'teaching the game of life'.   My own sociological diagnosis of these people is that they suck and they are stupid. 

>  Speaking of kill-joy moralizing... dude, the presidential turkey pardon is fucking funny alright?  Get over it!  It's predictible that this sort of argument would come from the Washington Post; official organ for the Very Serious People Party, and in all honesty the suggestion that the president must always maintain a rarified dignity even on our great binge and drink holidays is a seriously frightening piece of  monarchist bullshit. 

> Thanksgiving happened to coincide with the forty ninth anniversary of President Kennedy's murder this year, which I suppose is bound to happen occasionally.  The two events were depressingly close to each other back in 63 after all.  I do confess to still having a boyish admiration for John.  Even after all the dark revelations and my own disillusionment with age I still think that he has been the best president of a recognizably modern US that we've had so far.  It burns me that he was killed by a lowlife fake revolutionary rat too stupid to even wear a pair of gloves and a balaclava while he did the deed, let alone have a getaway plan beyond 'kill cops in public and keep walking like nothing happened.' 

Kennedy is still after all the first and only 'ethnic' Catholic pres that we've ever had.  Which is strange given that it's been decades since anyone here has run a blatantly Jack Chick style anti-'popery' smear campaign.  And as for his policies; laying the first shoots of federal support for the civil rights movement, : ), showing brilliant judgement in the Cuban Missle Crisis, : ), Vietnam, (Well, okay he did fuck that up) but most importantly;  Space baby.

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