Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Holiday Week: A Few Bits and Ends

I'm just going to say right here tha my alma mater was completely mad to ever switch from this mascot. 


If Nebraska were its own independent nation (Third world, no doubt, if not fourth.) This creature would spend its days seeking to attract tourists outside of some Paris world expo, performing dances it claimed to be a thousand years old.  Though the immediate successors to this Husker mascot also have a cool Carnival vibe about them. 

The modern Herby Husker is fat too sanitized, and let's not even get into the Third-Rate sub-disney abomination called 'Lil Red'.  Those you may look up for yourself. 

This is something you should really consider becoming a part of should you ever be in Lincoln, Ne in November.  I'm still coming down from Saturday's feast.  Thanks to all for a grand time.  There actually is a plot to "Ecco The Dolphin" but who the hell cares? 

Rupert Murdoch is C. Montgomery Burns.  I'm not saying that the character of Mr. Burns is based on Rupert Murdoch, I suppose that's long been a pretty common theory.  I am saying that Rupert Murdoch is given a light working of makeup and told to act naturally in front of the camera for a few minutes for every Simpsons episode that features Burns. 

Fuck twinkies.    I'm just going to say that right here and now.  Twinkies are good for nothing except the unearthly green tinge they give off when lit on fire.  Yes I did eat twinkies as a child but I do not feel any more historical warmth for them than I do for porn magazines two dollar packs of ciggerettes or any other architectural relic from the early nineties conveinence store.  This is the twenty first century and if you don't have enough kitchen skills to make up your own combination of sugar junk with whatever combo of whipped cream cocoa and microwave you have available than damnit it's time to make yourself useful around the house man. That's all there is about that. 


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