Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trouble at The BBC

It disturbs me more than a little.  It's been one of my primary sources of news for several years now.  I look up its website about four times a week since the Beeb actually covers Latin American more regularly than the NY Times or any other American outlet. (Why this is I don't know. )  Plus I very often listen to the 'World Service' that comes in over Omaha's NPR every night at midnight with maybe a beer or glass of whiskey in my hand depending on the season, utterly convinced that the voices comeing over the speaker were perfectly trustworthy because; you know, British. 

Thankfully, from my selfish perspective, this pedophile scandal seems to be mostly a matter for its domestic/entertainment division and hasn't sullied any of its international reporting.  Still I can easily see how those who are British would be more than a little pissed about having to pay taxes to these people just to own a TV; even before this apparently long-running horror was exposed. 

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