Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who the Hell are 'Livability.com?"

Well, they mentioned Omaha as culturally significant, so never mind. 

In truth, the music scene isn't bad.  The venues are cool, for the most part.  I was never really into the Saddle Creek scene myself, and of course that's been on the fade for awhile now.  But those guys all still have some good affecting stuff in their catalogs, (except for 'The Good Life', those guys are just hacks. )  But more importantly their reputation still attracts all the well-regarded alternative bands to Omaha.  And the opening of the Qwest Center has mostly put in end to the old disgrace of top-name acts bypassing the place for Iowa City or Sioux Falls.  The loss of Homer's record store was a tragedy, and like the Kennedy assassination the death of The Ranch Bowl  still haunts terribly even though it is quite ancient history indeed now.

So in the main, it's exactly what you'd expect the music scene for a cozy medium-sized city to be.  Not spectacular, but tolerable, and even some gems of real beauty if you know the people and know where to look.

"Omaha is... alright"- Paul Clark.

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