Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Can't a Man Control His Bitch With Violence?"

"Last month on the conservative Web site, the conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly called the Violence Against Women Act a slush fund “used to fill feminist coffers” and demanded that Republicans stand up against legislation that promotes “divorce, breakup of marriage and hatred of men.”

 Many men find the idea of personally identifying with feminism to be just a bit too hippieish for comfort.  Even those of us with more liberal or libertine sensibilities have still bought into the stereotypes of how doing so would make you, 'one of those people.' 

All the same this hot new reactionary spasm of the month, against women this time, is of no small personal concern  to men and general and we bachelors in particular.  If you're wondering how this is so just read Mona Charens' recent attack on an advice columnist for not commanding an accidentally pregnant couple to get married.    Or David Brooks' latest work, a concern troll over lower birth rates. 

Obviously the desire to put women back in their place is the main driving force behind the latest right-wing fad, and of course it is women who would suffer the most if they were to succeed.  But there is also quite clearly a desire to return sex to its historical status as a weapon of conformity upon all.   I.E., you ain't getting any unless you conform. 

Personally I enjoy sex that serves no larger procreative purpose.  In fact emotionally vacant sex with complete strangers is the only kind I enjoy  But that's neither here nor there.   I am not the slightest bit willing to give up my own sexual liberty in return for a world where I can command any random woman on the street to make me a sandwich, and I am fairly certain that my opinion on this matter is shared by the majority of the men be they liberal or conservative.  

I know that we're  supposed to pretend that all men are insatiable lust machines with a dozen girlfriends and that all women are virgins and that this can somehow work without the old Athenian alternative.  Lots of people get a romantic charge out of embracing this impossible ideal precisely because it is so obviously impossible.  But when actual political agents try to make this nonsense the official policy of the state, like for real, there is nothing for responsible people to do except to forcefully pull them back from the controls, like a toddler about to touch the stove, and then maybe have a good laugh about it several years after the danger has past. 

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