Monday, March 12, 2012

Chrisma Excripts


"During the spring of 2009 Iowa was inandated with a thousand Chinese.  Chinese got into homes illegally and upset the locals so much many until the Chinese left a week later.  A Moslem took charge of transcendental meditation for two years allowing transcendental mediation and two years allowing transcendental meditation only for Moslem countries and not allowing teachers to teach in America except for high schools.  Recently they ousted the Moslem man and are back to teaching all they can." 

"Ken Salazar longtime EPA lawyer stated 700 million acres of mining are to close January 2012.  Many miners stayed put.  Chinese have gotten into uranium mines and sent uranium to China.  This is treason.  Chinese are trying to take hold of all out mining areas.  What if Chinese take all out tungston?  We won't have light bulbs anymore."

"Fort Knox might not have any gold there anymore.  Obama let Chinese take gold out.  This is treason." 

"Yttrium is a rare earth metal that is more abundant on the moon.  Can we put robots on the moon to mine it?  We need our space centers back.  Chinese Sumikan Molycorp is trying to rob us of our gold and minerals at Mountain Pass CA and northern Nevada.  Close them down.  Get them out of the country."


"We can mine gold in New Guinea if we can tame the head hunters.  Norman Rockerfeller let his son go there to study anthropology in 1960.  He fell out of a boat and his head might have been shrunk.  The driver in rural roads is stopped by mauraders who take the car and do away with the passengers."

"They would prosper far more if they only were kinder.  The gold has been sitting there known by other country's geologists for decades.  Curfew and military full of buses can end maruders.  They can end kuru disease when they quit eating human brains."


"Our navy going around the Cape in January 2011 were met with Chinese and South African navy that did them in.  Our navy had depended on our British Dutch whites in Capetown to come to port to refuel for a hundred years.  Many friendly cruise ships interested in seeing wildlife and conversing with natives refueled from this port."

"Can oil tankers have a mini refinery on board?  They could refuel other ships too during hazardous times.  Put small motorboats on ships so if ships are met with laser from Obama's group they can still get away alive.  Out sailors need lead shields even over motor boat engines."

"Obama's laser tech on ships may end cruise ships, oil tankers, container ships, fishing ships and all trade on the ocean.  Laser does nothing to dirt. Ceramic ships with high degree of dirt may be a future ship to make now. Clay shields may be easiest to make." 


"Obama's group is getting into high schools to teach students to overthrow our country with the autobiography of Malcom, a communist Moslem radical.  The Union City California interlopers call it 'life skills' there is not a single life skill in it."


"The 2'000 men put in Australia can be moved to the Panam Canal where they can let through only non monoculturals.  chinese have the largest ships of any country and these ships hold only soldiers.  Kepp them out of the Atlantic.  Americans made the Panama Canal.  Let's not ever give the Panama Canal away." 


"Don't let drug cartels into Indian reservations in Souther Arizona because that's where pot comes through."

"Arizona residents claim Mexican drug dealers with amo outnumber the INS and customs patrol.  Put dirt over country roads so none get into America.  Arizona governor Jan Brewer can show her patriotism by hiring more men to work at the border.  There are plenty of men that are unemployed that would like to work with shockers, shields and canine." 


"Salvia is very toxic even in the air.  Do not have a web site to sell this hallucinotory toxin.  Humans fall asleep and never wake up again."


"A coffin fell out of a limo down the street and went into a pharmacy.  The lid opened and a man popped out and said 'do you have anything to stop this coughing?'"

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