Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ok People,

"Soved down his throat" over and over again you see this from opponents of gay rights.  'I don't want the gay agenda shoved down my throat.'  This is a joke right?   I mean I'm just going to call you all out right here.  I know for a fact that you can't possibly be so innocently ignorant of non-strictly reproductive sex acts to not see the entendre here, and the thought of so many people being so completely devoid of any self-awareness at all is just too horrifying to consider.  This is some sort of elaborate mass '4Chan' prank or something like that now isn't it?  It has to be.

PS.  To assistant Husker football coach Ron Brown:  So;  God commands every man to be the same strutting braindead macho thug you already happened to be before you found Jesus.  Well of course he does.  Go get fucked by a donkey you theocratic asshole.  

PPS.  Does anyone know how voluntary baldness came to be associated with alpha-maleness?  It's something I've felt a special curiosity about lately.     

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