Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Storm

I must say, it the amount of havoc it caused was just short of interesting here in Lincoln.  Maybe if power had been knocked out downtown...., what a cocktease. 

I did get invited out of the hail by some good old boys who live next to the chop shop between Dudley and Y on 22nd.  We drank Natty Ice and watched Reality shows on A & E.  The oldest one there, Dave, sixty, talked about the nice house he sold to pay for his and his wife's meth habit.  He's been clean for five years, save for his cigarettes and daily bottle of vodka.  He spoke of how the neighborhood was being ruined by 'nig-nogs', young African kids who weren't old enough to be called, well you know.    A grand old time.  And that show about Cajun alligator hunters, genuinely interesting, I must say. 

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