Monday, August 22, 2011

In Other News

I was in O Rourke's last night flipping through 'The Reader' over a Bloody Mary, winding down from the weekend.   That one hit wonder 'Big Country' was playing on the jukebox. Some jackass from the suburbs of Houston, where the women who work at Walgreen's are apparently achingly beautiful, asked me if this was as gay as it gets.  I told him I've seen gayer.  He asked me if I did drugs and I told him I dabbled.  He made a shootup gesture with his left arm and said he had eight bucks if I'd chip in.  I declined.  He asked if I was in a band and I said no.  Then he asked, 'well why are you here?  Are you gay or what?'   Where he got the idea that patrons of O'Rourke's are only either  gay or in a band, who knows?

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