Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Sports News, it Seems an Auld Enemy is in Trouble

Miami Hurricane football players have apparently been receiving cash, yachts, and hookers, among other things.  The source cited in the link mocks them for the latter,   "FOOTBALL PLAYERS SO LAME THEY NEEDED TO PAY FOR SEX?" and while I would love to join in celebrating our Huskers moral superiority over those uppity.... (Oh sorry, arrogant thugs with no class is what we're calling them nowadays isn't it?)  Fairness compels me to point out that Miami is not Lincoln, Nebraska, where women threw themselves at Bill Callihans Tecmo defenders just because they were bored.  Miami is a world city, and if the college football team is going through a mediocre spell there are plenty of other eligible bachlors for women to choose from, like pastel wearing cops, or operatically violent drug lords, or mediocre Miami Dolphins for that matter. 
Let us also be clear that there is such a thing as woman that any hetero man would sincerely want to pay for sex with.  Eliot Spitzer didn't get caught with some Bronx chickenhead, after all.  There are hookers. 

And there are Professional Sex Workers. 

You know you would.  What I'm saying here is that the opportunity to crow at the source of so much pain in our state is no excuse to be a fucking hater.  Understand? 

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