Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heartland Values

I have a cousin who was going to get married in September.  It's been postponed after her boyfriend saw her friend-hugging another man, broke the windshield on his own truck, and gave her several bruises on her arm while trying to drag her away. 

They don't know if the wedding is still on or not.  Which is to say, they don't know that the wedding is definitely not on.  My mother, lashed out at the person who called the cops on the boyfriend, wondered out loud why she seemed to object to my cousin's happiness, why she disproved of her boyfriends just because they were, respectfully; an absentee father and a violent abuser.

It might seem obvious to any coastal elites reading this that this relationship must end immediately.  But you don't understand.  We're not godless feminist degenerates like you.  We have values, you see. We know that women are supposed to be married to a strong man.  That a woman who has a kid from someone else is damaged goods and should be grateful for whoever will have her.  We beat our women because we're morally superior to you.

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