Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lincoln School Board Gets McCartheyed by Fox News Windmill-Slayers.

We've hit the big time in quiet old Nebraska.

My words on this matter shall be brief as this so-called problem is a very simple one. We godless liberals who favor 'gender' inclusiveness are not being mindlessly 'politically correct', in the sense that we are ignoring obvious reality in favor for some soft idyllic nicety.  It is rather the case that our position is quite indisputably the one on the side of reality and common sense.  Gender ambiguity is not a thing that liberal educators have conspiratorially invented through willpower, brainwashing and mind voodoo.  Gender ambiguity simply is and has always been.  Gender ambiguity exists, it is something we can directly observe with own eyes within others  and something that like it or not one must know we all feel within ourselves.   And at any rate if it is so their are only two "True and natural" genders; strictly biologically determined and strictly defined against each other, how then is it so that "outrages" like this could ever possibly happen?  How could the queer and transgender people we factually know to exist possibly exist?  If the "True Traditional values" really are the natural default than why should they ever require heroic culture warriors to defend them?   The fact of the matter is that it is the authoritarian right which seeks to impose a universal ideal in defiance of known reality.  It is they, if anyone, who are being "politically correct" in the way they are obviously trying to interpret divergence from their beliefs as offensive.  The "educational elites" here are simply trying to deal with people as they actually are in a systemic and civilized manner.

To get the heart of the things a little more; I recall a Fox News clip I saw a couple of weeks ago; one in which Sean Hannity said something to the effect of 'their are some schools that don't think parents have the right to instill our values in our children'.  Well; the reason for this is that parents absolutely do not have the right to instill their values in their children.  One's own identity; sexual, political, religious, cultural, is an arbitrary thing that each of us must invent from scratch for ourselves and all identities are wholly annihilated with the deaths of ourselves.  A fundamental purpose of education, (any theory of education) is to strengthen the individual's ability to invent themselves.   It this goes against paternalistic fantasies of cheating death by forcibly imposing one's own identity and  'eternal truth' on the next generation,  than fuck your fantasy.  And stop trying to poison my town with your stupid blubbering poison. 

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