Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Just what the hell is all this about 'indoctrination' now?      Do the trans/homophobic and gender 'complimentarians' truly believe that babies raised in bubbles would 'naturally' grow up to be perfectly binary Barbies and Kens?  There is no universal default manhood or womanhood and never has been.   It is if anything the belief that there is such a thing that goes against "common sense".  Given the vast numbers of our species this belief in One True Manhood & Womanhood is more deranged than a heroin addicts' dying dream.  The belief in traditional gender is, in a word; superstition.  A farmer who ritually jerks off onto his fields by the light of the Spring moon may rightfully laugh at such foolish magical thinking.

And yet they have the gall to speak of "indoctrination".  And when they speak of the supposed conflict between secular education and families it is clear that they consider one's proper relationship to their own family (i.e., one's father or husband) to be one of feudal submission and view controversies such as these as part of an epic struggle between the "family" and "the world" for the sole right to impose loyalties, identities, and "Truth" upon future generations; to "indoctrinate" them if you will.  The complainers at this meaning have expressed in near so many words an entitlement for their children to believe as they do.   And while all this occurs there are trans children being subjected to hostility, exclusion, and abuse so that some adults can imagine themselves secure & "natural" in their identities and other adults can imagine that future generations shall live for the sake of aggrandizing their bones.  There is truly nothing so beautiful as unyielding morals.

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