Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Mandela was Up Against

 I've no praise for the man that hasn't already been said at least as well, and in certainly with far more personal experience and feeling.  so in respect to some far-right diehards keeping the faith the Nelson Mandela was a communist, (Sort of but not really) or a terrorist; (a charge that, once the selective empathy and theatrically pious outrage is seen through, comes down to the simple belief that it is wrong for Anglo-Saxons to lose control anywhere they've invited themselves,  here's a quick review of some of Apartheid's greatest hit, the Sharpville Massacre

And lets not forget various cold-blooded assassinations of civilian activists, or not actually all that activist, such as  sleeping teenagers: (allegedly)

Or even, perhaps, the murder of disproving foreign heads of government,  who would otherwise be friendly fellow Westerners if not for the thing they were (allegedly) being killed in the defense of.

I am not personally a 'by any means necessary' sort of guy but then I have the comfort to not be.  And the United States, after all, made a violent break from the British Empire on far less severe provocation then what Black south Africa faced.  I'm not saying I'm just saying.      

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