Thursday, December 5, 2013

For the New Winter I Bought my Own Grey and Logo Free Hooded Sweatshirt

And I'm coming to your suburb.  Fear my dark menace. 

In all seriousness these things really are a godsend in variable climates like the Great Plains.  It may seem both overflown and banal to christen the hoodie as North America's poncho but it's true anyway.  If one is say a truck driver, or otherwise has business that regularly moves them from Austin to Boston in the space of a week or from flatland to mountaintop and back again in a single day then the hoodie is straight up indispensable.  Finally I suppose it does make me feel a bit 'dangerous'/manly in a Celtic Punk sort of way.   I should of had one of my own long before now. 

But in the slim chance that anyone out there is curious; no, I'm not going to break my informal rule against showing my likeness on this blog so you can see how I look in it.  My mildly rangy Slavic mug is there for the searching somewhere out there in e-universe.  Use your imagination.

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