Monday, December 2, 2013

Over Thanksgiving

My stepfather let me have some of his Johnny Walker Blue.  The weather was mildly cool and there was stuffing.  My mother's dogs love me to death and I love them right back.  It was nice. 

A new guy in Writer's Group mentioned Karen Carpenter week before last so now when I drink alone and my feminine side slips out I'll start humming a bit of 'Superstar' instead of Donna Summer's 'On the Radio'.  At least for now.  I shall return. 

If you're from Colorado or driving with Colorado plates, my advice to you is to obey all Nebraska traffic laws to perfection and film yourself doing so.  Sucks that you have to do that but man, I know the No. Platte troop of the State Patrol is just hanging out at Big Springs junction straight fishing motherfuckers, pulling you over for doing 74 in a 75, saying you dis 76 and daring you to prove otherwise.  Federalism; bloody hell. 

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