Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yesterday I Made Some Side Money as an Amateur Moving Man.

 Helped a woman who's spent decades expressing her piano talent at a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in College View, Lincoln    move out of her house.  She's divorcing her State Patrol/State Capitol night guard husband in favor of a gnarly blues rocker with a decade-old Black Lab and a camper in his truck.  She has a huge amount of upper-middle class stuff that she insists upon keeping and I made fifty dollars in about four and a half hours of work.  Lots of books by James Dobson, Mike Warneke and the like, along with a pamphlet called 'The Antichrist' that explains how every Catholic Pope is exactly that, which I understand to be an important doctrine among the Adventists, kurwa nienawidzą.  The not-quite ex-husband spent the time watching the Kansas City Royals lose; and he struck me as exactly the sort of hyper-mainstream cat who feels the obliged towards regional nationalism, the sort of man who maintains KC's dully horrible sports teams as the television default in the Omaha-Lincoln area.  The new man agitates easy.  He aims to keep his weed habit secret from the mousy new girlfriend and apologized for not being able to share some with me.  

Overall I'd say it felt good.  The awkwardness was other peoples while the rewards were all mine, though I guess that blues man does have the woman.  Or they have each other more properly. I hope the collaboration leads her to make some real personal artwork of her talent.  I've written a fictional work or two along these very lines, somewhat more fantastic though.  A part of me had been worried that they were too soap-opera maudlin but that's taken care of now. 

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