Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick thoughts on Benghazi

I could point out which president it was who caught Bin Laden again, but Id' agree it has grown rather boorish to do so.  Still, let us get down to the fucking meat of it ehh?  Modern history has in fact proven that the Republican Party does not 'own' national security after all.  It has been objectively demonstrated that the GOP is not better at national security than the Democrats.  It has also been objectively demonstrated that more 'toughness' is not the self-evident solution to any given security threat. 

These are facts that cannot be changed through magical belief in one's own righteous force of will.  Nor will the increasingly operatic language about Benghazi magically turn it into a scandal on anybody's say so. There is no liberal media conspiracy damming back what would otherwise be instinctive public outrage on the matter. (Check the link here on your own as you will; front page of the politburo itself.)  In as much as it ever was the GOP is simply no longer perceived as the party of conventional normality in the United States.  It does not determine the overriding narrative of our times or what good patriots rightfully ought or ought not to be concerned about.  This road will get you nowhere except for even more nowhere.

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