Friday, May 3, 2013

Quick Notes: Let's Hear it for Yankee

What this entails for our long-term culture I couldn't say. Nothing good to state the blindly obvious. It has been a somewhat traumatic century to be sure, though absolutely not exceptionally so by historic human standards, much of our own self-centerdness likes to think otherwise. It has in truth been largely our own vanity and bullshit that have led to many of our problems.  But I suppose that if suicide isn't all about good old American personal responsibility then what is?


Step One:  Convince yourself that you are the fatherly keeper of the One True American path.

Step Two:  That as such you are of course entitled to do whatever is necessary to maintain that path

Step Three:  Become a mental infant.   


Step Four:  Forget that the question of a state's right to nullify has been most emphatically settled in the negative,  and for that matter so has any pretense that the sons of the South are made of harder and more courageous stuff than those city boys up north. Now you'd better cut it out with the nonsense before we're forced to send our ivory tower elitists to kick your ass again.  


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