Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Tornado Does Not Love You. Nor Does the Universe in General

My aunt tells a story of when she was young. She was attempting to change a flat tire on some empty Nebraska highway before hearing a voice telling her to duck out of the way just before the hubcap flew violently into the air where her face had been. She takes this as proof of God watching out for us. Once when I heard it I suggested as politely as I could that maybe it was just luck. She laughed as if this was the asinine thing she had ever heard and said, "No it was God."

Certainly being alive and well when you statistically should be otherwise is a good reason to be happy.  I'm not one for telling people what they're supposed to feel or do but I would go so far to say that you had damned well better  feel happy about that.  Still if you are well against the odds not out of dumb chance but because something is consciously taking care of you; so what? How does that make it better? How does that make it feel better? I'm asking sincerely here.

 If you find comfort in thinking this means that you will be safe for so long as you are faithful and grateful; you know that's not true.  Most of us know someone who had no bodily vices but still died of cancer or something else 'natural' before 40, children traumatized by disease accident or someone else's viciousness through nothing remotely resembling there own fault. It is indeed the case that the more orthodox Abrahamic sects are the ones most eager to tell us that we do not know the day or the hour, that we are all spiders held over the fire, is it not?

These are the Great Plains.  There are millions of acres of empty that a tornado could harmlessly plow through while truly large cities are extremely rare.  For a tornado to slice the guts of a major metro is statistically a miracle, or an anti-one if you insist that miracles must by definition be good.

In this context Wolf Blitzer's question would still be asinine even if the existence of God were a known fact.  Should Rebecca Vitsmun   thank God for being spared her life?  No!  She's young with a baby who needs her.  The woman is god-damned entitled to her life. That's right entitled. The only favor God brought upon her was to steal her fucking house. Fuck God. And while we're at it fuck the coastal stereotypes that assume  a 'clean-cut' Prairie mother must necessarily be Christian. Mostly though fuck God.  

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