Saturday, April 14, 2012

RIP Real Men

Real men lost with the Titanic
Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. This raises the question: Where are the real men? History records that 1,339 men died on that tragic night, but only 114 women and 56 children.
Why this disparity? Because, with very few exceptions, husbands and fathers gave their lives to save their wives and children.
It was one of history's most stirring examples of sacrificial love. Those doomed men disappeared into the icy waters of the Atlantic in order that their loved ones might survive to see another day. The cry of "women and children first" is why the Titanic is known as the "ship of widows" to this day.
If the Titanic went down today, there would be no "women and children first." Where are the real men today? Unfortunately, most of them went down with the Titanic.

Very true.  Men are born for the sake of sacrificing ourselves to something greater than ourselves. 

And it is certainly no excuse  to have the misfortune of being born into a peaceful time and place and never experiencing any mass disaster is no excuse.  Because you always have the option of inventing crisis and conflict out of thin air for the very purpose of manfully dying within them.  Always remember men, we are entitled to dominance for only as long as  the cycle  of birth and death is in out control.  If life exists for its own sake with no greater end but to be as safe and pleasent as possible, then it is the damned woman who creates life who must reign.  Obviously we can't have that. For men to remain in charge it must be made clear that birth is subject to the purpose of creating more men to rightously die for some Holy Truth which is greater than life, preferably  by sacrificng somebody else's men as well as themselves.

Yes indeed Wayne Hohndorf of Omaha, blood sacrifice shall forever be the mark of every real man's man.  And by the way, would one of these guys happen to be you? 

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