Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Been Hanging Some at Occupy Lincoln

Still going some hundred and eighty two days after its starting.  One of only three or four of the original camps still up and running.  There was a previous deadline for moving out of March 1st roughly agreed upon with the city that has now been extended to May 1st.  Whether the police will forcefully clear out the unwilling on that date ala New York or Oakland no one knows. 

The original population of actual organizers has gradually been replaced by hobos. scalliwags, and howling schizophrenics.  This of course is perfectly acceptible.  In fact not only acceptible  but absolutely appropriate and even beautiful.  There's a man named James who claims to have served as a military surgeon in one hundred and ninety different countries, as well as an organizer of secret army bases in a hundred and ninety different countries and current left tackle for the New Orleans Saints.  In the mornings, before anyone else is awake, he'll walk about screaming warnings to invisible 'faggots' against touching him. 

As far as that goes there is also a Juggalo couple from Washington State, one White and one Hispanic of some kind.  They claim not to be gay and will even, (which is to say, frequently) crack homophobic jokes. (I suppose that you know you're in Nebraska when even supposed left-wing protesters are homophobic.)  The Hispanic one will offer backubs to other men, just as frequently as he'll make gay jokes.  Or as frequently as both of them will draw little pink phalli along the steps of Centennial Mall.   The White one showed me a cell phone pick of a woman blowing someone and gleefully informed me that this woman was none less than the fiance he had before he went to prison, going to work on none other than he himself, naturally.   

Now there's nothing neccessarily gay about messaging other men.  One has to be badly hung up about either homo or sexuality in general to imagine that this must be so.  Using sex with a woman as a pretext for showing your penis to men is, however; quite indisputibly gay.  Which is fine of course.  These guys are cute together, in their own stupid sort of way.  And while being self-denyingly gay is obviously unhealthy one is of course free to be so.  And it's good that these closet heads have each other to alieve whatever dully realized self-loathing that their profoundly substandard minds are able to produce. 

On a side note; the White one likes fire; a lot.  And a couple nights ago he drunkenly emptied all the camp extinguishers.  Just because he liked how the cloud of foam as it floated through the shrubs towards the capitol.  We'll see how that goes.

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