Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The EPA is Coming to Regulate Our Bodily Fluids.

Environmentalism is a serious problem, as every true American knows that concern for the earth is tender-hearted and therefore womanly and therefore wrong, and it can be a struggle to find a way to say so that sounds more serious and common-sensical/adult than 'I don't want to catch cooties.'  So one can do things like rail about the needless deaths caused by a global DDT ban which; in the world of liberal-biased reality, is not existent enough to either kill people or do anything else,   or one can rant about how global warming is a secret Marxist Trojan horse dreamt up by a conspiracy involving virtually all of science and academia, citing one's own manly-ass certainty as evidence.  But no matter how manly-ass certain one is this rhetoric is just too obviously fantastic to work very long.  Eventually one must betray themselves as truly insane or confess that they are really saying no more than ' I don't want to catch cooties."  A sticky wicket indeed. 

Which brings us to the recent release of EPA regulations meant to help stabilize climate change and the Nebraska congresscritters response to that.  Our Congresspeople, who are naturally all Republicans, are naturally against it; against it with manly-ass intensity and fervency, naturally.  Sen. Deb fisher calls them 'extreme'. (in, I suppose, the 19th century Rockefeller sense that views subjecting industry to law at all as XXXTREME!!!)  Sen. Johanns and all our house members are aghast at how the regulations will supposedly raise our bills and ruin our economy, with Omaha's Lee Terry calling them a "partisan political gimmick."

I can concede that they are not totally wrong on economic effects.  Regions that are economically reliant on coal-extraction are indeed already suffering gravely, culturally and economically, from the fact that society is and must move beyond coal.  Even so this suffering is not an unnatural thing wrought by evil big government.  Coal is not, after all, the true, eternal, divinely mandated way for a society to power itself, it was a temporal technology for a specific time that is now passed.  Kept rather more overmaturely alive by government policy than prematurely killed. 

At any rate there are a few coal plants in Nebraska; but not all that many.  Our economy is of course overwhelmingly based on farming and ranching, not so much on minerals; and what will the effect of global warming be on farming or ranching?  Why, we are already seeing it.  The natural instability of the Prairie climate shall be exacerbated, so that planting and harvesting will be made dicey by th inability to know when the first and last frosts are coming, could be anywhere in a window of two months.  Crop-loving pests will be more numerous as they spread from the south and longer-living.  Rain shall come only either in the form of too much or not enough, so that farmers and townies alike shall have to rely increasingly on the Ogallala aquifer, which is already being drawn down at such a rate that anyone under 40 shall likely see that aquifers death and with that the effective apocalypse of modern living standards on these plains.  All this shall be what doing nothing about global warming does to the Nebraska economy; the consequences that invisible Hand worship shall bring.  There are worse things than catching cooties.   

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