Friday, June 27, 2014

Not Hungover Per Se

But I am hoping that the sun doesn't come out with full mid-afternoon force just today and that the clouds remain till at least twilight.  There is no soccer today and it is a quiet time.  I've neglected the spring/summer exhibits at the art museum here and I should probably go.  I might get frisky and have a bloody mary today though I'd honestly prefer an iced tea instead.  I might need to "break up" with a woman I've been involvedwith and would rather not be but that's really not here or there. 

This is my friend Travis getting his mildly cyberpunk dudebro thing on in California.  This is of no sociopolitical value to anything whatsoever. 

This is what I've been listening to a great deal since the warm season began:

And this is who I've been reading these past few weeks.

That's all there is to blow son. 

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