Friday, June 20, 2014

In Nebraska News:

Our provincial thug of a governor, Dave Heineman, is being term-limited out of the big house on H Street and would now like to be president of the university of Nebraska.  This in spite of the fact that his education entails "only" bachelor's degree from West Point; which is in no way an unimpressive accomplishment but still falls short of rightfully being the boss of PHD's and intellectuals of longstandings.  Yet Heineman does of course have his public supporters for the U. presidency; based mainly on the fact of being a real true conservative, and also; according to some letters to the editor, on the fact that academics tend to be liberal and are therefore lesser beings with no right to govern ourselves.  

Enter now a challenger, Peter Nwangwu,  which is to say, Dr. Peter Nwangwu, a man who actually does have multiple advanced degrees and, as a bonus, is also foreign and black, to the right-wing authoritarians perspective the most beautifully trolltastic alternative imaginable.  I'm not high on this guy or anything.  It may well be that he sucks too, or even be conservative.  But at least now there is a candidate who can actually perform the work of being a university president.  At least now there's some hope that the job might be treated as an actual job and not a lifetime achievement award for being a Real True Husker of good standing.  Progress is always welcome wherever one can ge

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