Sunday, November 24, 2013

You Learn Your Own Soul in Winter

I tend to binge on coffee when it's very cold outside, as it was here Saturday and I decided to stay in last night for the very same reason. After some hours of listening to music and reading I came across a bag containing three of my bosses' prescription hydrocodeine (why he left it there I don't know) and, feeling slightly bored, decided to take the whole lot. The opiate combined with caffeine produced a strong 'tweaking' effect. I spent the next several hours walking in circles around my house, chain-smoking naked with the heat at full blast while the walls breathed and the shadows flowed like a quick sand oil. At  about one in the morning someone visiting  the next door neighbors pulled up in an SUV and left the headlights bearing on me for 5-10 minutes while they went inside. When the person finally came back out he saw me staring through the window like a wounded feral beast and laughed. I think the neighbors are dealing something or another for money, which is fine for so long as they use it to pay the rent next Saturday when I return from the holiday outstate. 

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